Live Screen Printing

Live Printing

Major Impression can make your next event even more memorable by creating event themed t-shirts on site, right in front of your guests.  Your guests will be select from apparel or other items, choosing color and image from those that you want to make available.  We will bring everything needed to your location, setup and be ready to print on your schedule.  With live printing, you will not have leftover items as we will only print those items requested when they are requested and they will be printed in right front of your guests. Getting a souvenir from your event can now be a memorable event they were part of the creation of that item.

Think about having Major Impression at your next event, this is perfect for

  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Festivals

T-Shirt Cannon

Major Impression can enhance the live printing at your event with the addition of a compressed air t-shirt cannon.  T-shirt cannons can launch t-shirts into groups or crowds creating a fun and exciting way to give out your souvenirs.